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New products gallery – March 2019

Published on 15 March 2019
Galligher TWR-5 livestock scales

Gallagher TWR-5 livestock scales

Gallagher’s new range of weigh scales helps provide producers with the ability to record more details and data about their stock, making the scales a useful tool for tracking livestock performance.

The system features an integrated EID reader, making the task of managing electronic ID and weighing far simpler and more convenient. With the addition of a simple screw-on antenna, producers would not need to purchase a separate controller-EID reader with the TW-R system, but if a user only requires tags to be read, rather than recording weigh data, the scales can operate simply as a scanner.

The TWR-5 is battery operated and can run the scanner and scales over a full eight-hour day without requiring a recharge. Visit Gallagher for more information.

BESS nursing bottles and nipples

BESS nursing bottles and nipples

Cotran Corporation is introducing a new line of nursing bottles that are ergonomically designed for ease of handling. The round shape allows easier and faster cleaning compared to square bottles. The bottles are available in 2, 3 and 4 quarts.

BESS bottles are accompanied by new no-leak, long-lasting nipples. These innovative nipples made from high-quality synthetic rubber are fitted with a patent-pending system incorporating a membrane insert and hole at the tip of the nipple that prevents tearing and controls milk flow. Only the sucking motion of the calf will allow milk to flow. In addition to red and pink nipples, a clear nipple is available, which allows the user to see the flow of milk and helps with cleaning of the nipple.

Te Pari Revolution dosing gun

Te Pari Reevolution dosing gun

The Revolution dosing gun is a battery-powered, hand-held, fully portable device that delivers measured doses of pour-on, oral and injectable medications. The G10 model has a digital keypad for manual calibration of the dosage. The G20 model (pictured), when paired with the Te Pari scale indicator or Dosing Gun App, calculates and measures the exact dose of medication needed based on the weight of the individual animal.

IntelliBond VITAL 5 Cr

IntelliBond VITAL 5Cr

The IntelliBond supplement delivers zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt and iodine from Micronutrient’s essential IntelliBond VITAL 5 blend, with the added power of Kemin’s KemTRACE Chromium. KemTRACE Chromium – the first FDA-approved source of chromium propionate – is a safe, proven trace mineral backed by more than 20 years of scientific research. All ingredients in the supplement are sourced from the U.S. Visit Micronutrients to learn more.

R&R Machine Works automated grain analyzer

R&R machine works automated grain analyzer

Instead of waiting to get feed analysis results back from the lab, the R&R Machine Works automated grain analyzer gives a content analysis of feed every 50 seconds. It is able to analyze seven different types of feed. Intended for feedlots, it debuted at NCBA and will officially hit the market this month.

Tru-Test HD5T load bar

Tru-Test HD5T load bar

The HD5T load bar has an 11,000-pound capacity and is built to withstand rough treatment. These bars can be used under manual or hydraulic chutes and feature completely sealed load cells, making them 100 percent water- and dustproof. The galvanized steel construction also provides corrosion resistance. The HD5T load bar is easy to install by bolting it to the chute, then bolting to the level concrete surface. Heavy-duty TPR/PVC cables are a standard feature, which minimize the likelihood of cable damage. Visit Tru-Test to learn more.

Prodigy Instruments metal adjustable dose repeater

Prodigy instruments metal adjustable dose repeater

Agri-Pro Enterprises introduces Prodigy Instruments’ new line of syringes and applicators, including a metal adjustable dose repeater (pictured), 20-milliliter metal drencher syringe and ring-grip syringe.

The metal adjustable dose repeater from Prodigy Instruments features an easy CDS system – click (click the button), draw (draw in fluid) and squeeze (squeeze to deliver). It comes with UV-resistant poly barrel and versatile blue o-ring that is compatible with oil-based vaccines. The metal luerlock and nib and the easy-grip metal handle and lever make a durable, ergonomic product. The 25-milliliter model dispenses 0.5-, 1-, 1.5-, 2- and 2.5-milliliter dosages. The 50-milliliter model offers 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-milliliter dosages. Visit Agri-Pro Enterprises for more information.  end mark

Photos courtesy of Gallagher, Cotran Corporation, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, Datamars, Agri-Pro Enterprises and by Carrie Veselka.