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New products gallery – October 2019

Published on 24 September 2019
Daniels Manufacturing hydraulic tippin squeeze chute

Daniels Manufacturing hydraulic tipping squeeze chute

The new tipping squeeze chute from Daniels Manufacturing runs on a hydraulic operating system that comes with a remote control or standard manual valve body.

Its two-in-one design makes it useful for both processing and tipping. Its features include cupboard-style floor doors that provide easy access, a special traction rubber floor, tiedowns to secure animals, a hydraulic belly lift strap and a neck stretcher for easy injection access. The chute also comes with a stationary power unit and optional scales and an optional stand-alone hydraulic tailgate. For more information visit Daniels Manufacturing.

PHOTO: Photo provided by Daniels Manufacturing.

Hustler SL700X bale feeder

Hustler SL700Xbale feeder

The Hustler SL700X bale feeder is a trailed chain bale processor suitable for feeding out a wide variety of mainly round bales and silage, along with some square bales when using the optional side bars. The SL700X is tough and ideally suited for farms feeding 400 to 3,000 bales each year. For more information visit Hustler Equipment.

PHOTO: Photo provided by Hustler Equipment.

Danuser Mega Mixer

Danser Mega Mixer

Danuser is introducing a new model of its Mega Mixer material-handling bucket designed to mix, scoop and dispense a wide variety of materials ranging from livestock feed to bag-mix concrete. New and improved features include an 8-inch diameter with 8-inch-pitch steel auger for faster mixing and dispensing and a 22.8 cubic inch motor for improved torque capable of dispensing 3/4 yard of material in 26 seconds.

Mounts on both sides allow the operator to dispense on either the right or left side of the host vehicle to better meet each project’s specific needs. The Mega Mixer includes pin holders, easy-to-read yardage markers and two 2-foot multilink chutes that store conveniently on the bucket. For additional information visit Danuser, or contact your local Danuser dealer.

PHOTO: Photo provided by Danuser.

Ralco launches organic ProsperEO (not pictured)

Strong Animals, a brand of Ralco, announced recently that it has launched a new organic, OMRI-certified, essential oil product called ProsperEO Liquid. This latest product is an extension of the existing line of essential oil products that includes ProsperEO and Regano EX. ProsperEO is a natural water additive that strengthens the immunity of animals resulting in stronger, healthier animals that are better able to face health challenges and stress. This multispecies product is used for swine, poultry and ruminant animals.

The Mineral Feeder

The Mineral feeder

The Mineral Feeder helps producers take care of two jobs at once. When cattle come to get their minerals, they get sprayed with fly treatment on their face, back, front legs, belly and chest. The Mineral Feeder is portable and can hold 300 pounds of minerals. It can spray over 1,000 head without needing to be refilled and includes automatic mixers in the tank to keep chemicals agitated. It is made from solid steel and has a wide base, making it hard to tip over. It is solar-powered and never needs to be plugged in. Visit Mineral Feeder for more information.

PHOTO: Photo provided by Mineral Feeder.

Patriot solar energizers

Patriot, a subsidiary of Datamars, introduces its new portable solar energizers – the SolarGuard 80 and SolarGuard 150. These new energizers have an all-in-one design that includes the internal battery and solar panel. The energy-efficient solar panel recharges the internal battery to power the fenceline. A large storage capacitor enables the energizer to operate up to 21 days without sunlight.

The SolarGuard 80 covers up to 15 acres or 3 miles, and the SolarGuard 150 covers up to 40 acres or 12 miles. These energizers are designed to perform in all weather conditions and stow fence leads when not in use. These easily mount to steel or wood posts and feature a flashing LED to let you know it’s working. Visit Patriot for more information.

PHOTO: Photo provided by Datamars.

Behlen Country feedbunk (not pictured)

The new all-metal feedbunk by Behlen Country is ideal for any size cattle herd. Easily move this bunk from pen to pen, and line up multiple units to quickly feed more animals. This unit’s heavy-duty construction and high-quality powdercoat finish makes it an asset for any size cattle operation. The trough is 14 inches deep, with a capacity of 30 cubic feet. The feedbunk is 2 feet tall, 10 feet long and 40 inches wide.  end mark