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New products gallery – October 2020

Published on 24 September 2020

FieldMicro introduces FieldBot and SmartFarm

Farming finally meets 21st century technology with FieldMicro, an innovative automated agriculture and farm control monitoring system including SmartFarm, a platform that uses smart technology to make farming simpler and more efficient. Whether farming crops or livestock, a farmer’s most important asset is their time. FieldMicro’s wide array of innovative products and world-class design will allow farmers to work smarter, not harder.

FieldMicro’s SmartFarm is powered by FieldBot, a portable remote-control device that connects to farm equipment/hardware. FieldBots are equipped with a built-in solar panel, an HD camera and sensors that monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity, motion, sound and more.

Easy to set up and use within minutes, the product controls connected farm hardware, on-farm assets and infrastructure, and is compatible with most current equipment. Use examples include livestock monitoring and control, controlling farm gates, water troughs, winches, irrigation gates, rain gauges and any other items that are actuated, such as turning a pump on or off.

FieldMicro’s cloud-based SmartFarm platform is the control center for the product and provides real-time monitoring, infrastructure automation, satellite imagery and greater insights into farm operations. The online platform allows farmers to see and hear what their FieldBots see and hear, and allows users to control their infrastructure at the click of a button, anywhere, any time. SmartFarm features a mobile app and desktop control, and its custom user interface to make the platform as intuitive as possible.

For more information, visit FieldMicro


Merck Animal Health announces expanded indications for Fertagyl

Merck Animal Health recently announced Fertagyl is now approved for use with closprostenol sodium to synchronize estrus cycles to allow for fixed timed artificial insemination (FTAI) in beef cows. Already approved for use with Estrumate to synchronize estrus cycles to allow for FTAI in lactating dairy cows, the new label indication enables beef veterinarians and producers to use the two products on-label in their breeding program.

The effectiveness of gonadorelin, the active ingredient in Fertagyl, for use with cloprostenol sodium to synchronize estrus cycles to allow for FTAI in beef cows was demonstrated in a field study at 10 different U.S. locations. Pregnancy rate to FTAI was significantly higher in cows treated with gonadorelin than in cows treated with control.

Fertagyl is easy to administer; the dosage for beef cows is 2 milliliters via intramuscular injection. Refer to the package insert for complete dosing instructions. It is available in 10-dose/20-milliliter and 50-dose/100-milliliter vials. There are many options for synchronization of estrus and ovulation, so consult your veterinarian to select an appropriate program for your operation.

Learn more at Merck Animal Health

Cattle Curtain

Cattle Curtain revolutionizes fly control

Cattle Curtain helps producers work smarter rather than harder on the farm. This non-mechanical device allows for an easy application of insecticide to livestock.

So how does it work? Essentially, as its name implies, Cattle Curtain utilizes an assemblage of ropes that hang from a base. The ropes become concentrated with insecticide through a wicking action. From there, you simply position the product to hang in a gate or alley so insecticide can be wiped on the animals as they pass through the curtain.

Cattle Curtain allows insecticide to be applied to over 80% of the body in one swift motion, whereas traditional applications are only applied along the top of the back. It is longer-lasting, durable and protects insecticides from the elements. With proper care, it can treat cattle of all sizes and last for years to come.

Learn more at Cattle Curtain

NutriPass L encapsulated lysine

ADM Animal Nutrition introduces NutriPass L encapsulated lysine

ADM recently announced the launch of NutriPass L, an encapsulated lysine supplement that is rumen-stable and intestinally available to cows.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that must be provided through feedstuffs, since cows do not produce it naturally. Lysine is a biological building block that supports improved production performance in lean tissue gain, milk components and milk volume. Per 100 grams of product, NutriPass L has been shown to meet or exceed net delivery of metabolizable lysine when evaluated against comparable products.

Encapsulating lysine makes it possible for producers to supply a balanced, cost-effective diet through the reduction of higher-cost protein ingredients in the ration. The product supports optimal milk production, animal growth and creates opportunities for nutritionists to limit nutrient wastage in rations.

NutriPass L can be mixed with a wide variety of feed ingredients and forages. It is manufactured in the U.S. at an advanced production facility under stringent quality-control measures and is formulated with domestically sourced ingredients.

Learn more at ADM Animal Nutrition

Priefert 2020 Premier sweep kit

Priefert introduces 2020 Premier sweep kit

Priefert is proud to announce their 2020 model Premier 135-degree sweep kits. The 2020 model now features a pin-together alley to mirror their rough stock open and sheeted sweep systems. This allows for a quick and easy setup.

Their new Premier alley frames pin into place in the alley for added structure and have also allowed them to widen the fixed alley on these systems to 28 inches wide. Still their most economical option, these sweep and alley kits are ideal for any size of operation and are easily expandable for future growth. Constructed from Priefert’s Premier Panel Quadraform tubing, these products offer maximum strength and flexibility. The architectural grade powdercoat finish helps the product resist rust, scratches and the fading effects of the sun, adding years of life to your investment.

Learn more at Priefert

Cargill launches innovation platform focused on animal health and agricultural technology

Silicon Valley-based tech company, Plug & Play, announced that Cargill will serve as a founding partner for its newest location in Topeka, Kansas, focused on animal health and agriculture technology. Through this partnership, Plug and Play and Cargill will work with startups that are creating new technologies and products to spur innovation in the animal health and ag tech industry. Topeka is strategically located in the heart of farm country to provide the ideal destination for research, testing and implementation.

This partnership will incubate global innovation around animal health and ag tech from the heart of cattle country and the Kansas City animal health corridor, making the most of both companies’ strengths. Plug and Play’s global reach will help startups enter new geographic locations, find new customers and grow. Cargill will bring scale, a broad expertise and the strength of a global supply chain.

Plug and Play will bring eight to 10 startups to the city every six months. Later this fall, the company will run their first virtual accelerator out of the Topeka location. Those startups will go through three-month accelerator programs aimed at helping the businesses get off the ground, providing mentorship, resources and office space. There is a 70% average success rate for companies that go through a Plug and Play accelerator program, measured in follow-on capital raised.

Corporations and startups interested in Plug and Play’s Animal Health and Agtech program in Topeka can apply online (Plug and Play). end mark

Photos courtesy of FieldMicroMerck Animal HealthCattle Curtain, ADM Animal Nutrition and Priefert Mfg.