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New round bale wrap: B-Wrap from AMBRACO

AMBRACO Published on 17 January 2013

is offering a new wrap for round hay bales.

Sold under the name of B-Wrap, the product works in John Deere 7, 8 and 9 Series round balers that have had a special B-Wrap kit installed by the dealer.

The wrap is a solid surface that AMBRACO says will allow moisture inside the bale to escape. The wrap also minimizes the amount of water that will enter the bale during storage.

A roll of B-Wrap weighs approximately 90 pounds, which is similar to current rolls of John Deere Netwrap. A roll will wrap and protect 35 bales in 5-foot width and 45 bales in 4-foot width.

With B-Wrap, the bale size can be adjusted to make bales between 60 and 68 inches in diameter.  end mark

—From AMBRACO news release

Photo courtesy of AMBRACO.