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Beef Quality

Learn to utilize the industry’s Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program standards, which focus on animal handling, and the safety, quality and popularity of beef.


Common vaccine handling practices can have an effect on beef carcass quality.

Most livestock producers are now aware of the potential for tissue damage, lesions or other carcass defects that can occur when vaccines are administered.

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It’s interesting to compare the results of the National Beef Quality Audits (NBQA), which are conducted every five years.

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Effects of fatty acids on our health are continually discussed in the media.

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Everyone in the beef chain seems to agree we need more of it.

That’s the simple explanation for a trend that shows hot carcass weights (HCW) have increased 200 pounds in four decades. But for all the opportunities that presents, there are many challenges.

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Agricultural Research Service scientists at the Agroecosystems Management Research Unit in Lincoln, Nebraska, have been conducting some very thorough investigations on the microbes that dwell in cattle manure – what they are, where they thrive, where they struggle and where they may end up.

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Daryl Tatum, a meat scientist with Colorado State University, talks about the role marbling plays in the beef-eating experience.