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Facilities & Equipment

Whether your operation is feeding, grazing, weaning or delivering cattle, find the best methods for selecting and maintaining facilities and equipment.


Feedlot animals do best – with optimal performance – when environmental conditions are good and cattle are minimally stressed.

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Efficient and profitable confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) managers must address vital key points to maximize limited time and resources.

As a CAFO manager, consider the following points as best management practices for handling manure: soils, pens, mud, dust and odor control.

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Are you dying financially from heavy metal disease (aka too much equipment)? When visiting ranches, I always like to go by the equipment yard because I become amazed by what I see.

The array of machinery may include welders, air compressors, trailers of every type and size, hay baling equipment, tractors and shredders. Rust on some of the equipment indicates it is not frequently used.

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Rising feed prices and shrinking margins have generated significant discussion on animal efficiency.

We have all seen those cows that we call “easy doers” but did not give them much thought until recently.

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Working facilities and livestock-handling equipment are crucial for providing a safe and efficient way to handle and work cattle in today’s market.

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Water is one of those things we all need, including livestock.

So, when animals are isolated from a water source, what can a farmer do to get them water while implementing best management practices?

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