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Feed & Nutrition

Learn about all aspects of cattle nutrition from harvest and storage to balancing rations with forage, byproducts and supplements.


More than 90 percent of corn silage samples taken during the 2013 harvest tested positive for multiple mycotoxins, according to a recent harvest analysis conducted by Alltech.

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For cattle ranchers, ensuring livestock have the nutrients they need is a crucial factor in maintaining herd health and ranch profitability.

Optimum health and immunity of your beef herd depends on adequate nutrition.

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Tailor management to help utilize resources

Rising production costs, particularly feed costs, have ranchers looking for inventive ways to get cattle through the winter on a budget that is tolerable.

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Feed is expensive, but you may be surprised by which feeds provide the best value for a given nutrient. Producers should always put the pencil to a ration, but it is critical in times when feed prices are high and feed supply is short.

This article describes a process that should be used to determine the value of a feed when you particularly need energy or protein to balance a ration. The process involves the following steps:

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Recently, requests for lab results using methods directed toward starch digestion are on the increase, Bill Ramsey, DuPont Pioneer livestock information manager notes.

These lab methods include corn silage kernel processing scoring, grain particle size, fecal starch analysis, seven-hour testing of in vitro starch digestibility and fermentrics gas fermentation system reports.

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Price, food safety and product quality are the top motivators for consumers when purchasing ground hamburger, chuck roast or a set of T-bone steaks at the grocery store.

These recent findings from the 2013 U.S. Beef Checkoff Program’s Beef Demand Determinant Study identify the primary consumer demands and indicate the areas in which checkoff programs and the beef industry should focus in order to move the beef market forward.

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