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Learn about all aspects of cattle nutrition from harvest and storage to balancing rations with forage, byproducts and supplements.


I once heard a cow described as an animal with built-in locomotion, a harvesting mechanism, a fermentation vat, a calf incubator and fertilizer dispenser.

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An implant program undoubtedly is the most important factor for improving margin in cattle.

Before cattle arrive at a feedyard, managers need to decide if they want to implement an aggressive strategy or a more conservative one.

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Mitch Blanding, Zoetis, and Gary Fike, Certified Angus Beef, talk about stocker strategies that set cattle up for success.

Distillers grains are the byproduct of distillation and fuel ethanol production. They have a long history of being fed to livestock.

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Problems occur in every silage program, no matter the size of your beef cattle operation.

It is estimated that the dry matter (DM) loss in the corn silage made in the U.S. this past year will be between 16 and 20 percent.

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The ingenuity of farmers should never come into question. They’ve come up with hundreds of ways to utilize twine and duct tape.

When times are tough, farmers find solutions.

That’s why it’s no surprise that in a year of drought, farmers are rekindling an old idea of stretching their feed supplies further.

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