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‘Tis the season: weaning time. This month we’ll address on-the-farm weaning rations. The biggest hurdle in getting calves started off right in the fall is the weather. That’s one reason to consider early weaning and subsequent backgrounding. If calves get through the stressful process of weaning from their dam and onto feed ahead of the annual fall 35 degree rain, they have a good chance at success.

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The cattle industry is ready to set records for high prices this year and next, said Purdue University Extension economist Chris Hurt.

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This is a question that is commonly asked as producers try to line up spring and summer management considerations, budgets and calf marketing options. The primary objective of this management practice is to put additional weight on the calf before weaning without making the calves fleshy, especially if sold at weaning. Fleshy calves are discounted in market price. To creep or not to creep really boils down to this – can it be accomplished economically to increase the profit potential for the cow-calf enterprise?

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