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Find out how to improve livestock production while maintaining the value of the soil and land.


Fall is the most economical time to help spring-calving cows regain body condition and prepare for their third trimesters.

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Taking an active approach to managing your pastures is the best way to ensure they are highly productive.

In today’s challenging grazing environment, making the most of grazing options is critical to stretching input and feed dollars and maximizing profits.

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Restoring pasture health is a long-term project

Dry weather impacted many areas last summer and is still working on different regions of the country with limited or no rainfall. Cattlemen usually are very respectful of the grass that feeds the stock, trying not to harm the land while maintaining stocking rates that will allow ranchers to be profitable.

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Mid-season pasture improvement tips

DuPont range and pasture specialists offer these regional strategies for making mid-season pasture and rangeland improvements:

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Adjustments to grazing system has paid off for this South Dakota ranch

“The year 2000 is when we started making some changes,” recalls South Dakota rancher Pat Guptill.

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Cattle grazing and clean water can coexist on national forest lands, according to research by the University of California – Davis.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, is the most comprehensive examination of water quality on national forest public grazing lands to date.

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