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Find information about vaccination protocols, disease control, biosecurity, and working with your veterinarian on antibiotic treatment.


Three producers share how they've focused on biosecurity practices to control BVD virus in their herds.

BVD virus is a real threat to cow-calf operations - it's not just something that happens on other ranches. That was the message conveyed by three producers who shared their experiences in combating BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) virus during the U.S. BVDV Symposium held this past January in Phoenix, AZ.

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Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. has created a new website focused exclusively on scours prevention in beef and dairy calves. The website,, features Scour Bos, a broad-spectrum vaccine that protects against the most common bacterial and viral pathogens that cause calf scours.

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Most cattle buyers have preferences regarding health management of calves when they take delivery from a farm or ranch or purchase them through a marketing program.

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The single-most important factor in the survival of beef calves immediately after birth is receiving adequate colostrum and the protective antibodies it contains.

Calves are born without any significant level of antibody protection and the only way a calf can access life-saving antibodies and other important immune factors is through the ingestion of colostrum from its mother in the first few hours after birth.

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Cattle producers rely on vaccines to protect their cattle against diseases that negatively impact cattle health and production.

The cost of a comprehensive vaccination program is low compared to the potential dollar losses associated with the diseases themselves.

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Weaning time brings cattle producers one step closer to their paycheck for that calf crop – so they know how important it is to ensure calf health.

Most producers agree that weaning success isn’t about fancy techniques; it’s simply about doing the basic management strategies right.

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