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Read how to improve your supervision of employees, financial matters, identification and record keeping. Learn more about land use issues that affect your operation.


A rancher must be prepared to respond effectively to drought, one of the biggest threats to Great Plains ranchers.

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Communicating is still not easy, even with all of the modern options technology has given us.

Mobile phones, Skype, text messaging, video conferencing – the list goes on and I’m sure they will continue to expand rapidly in this tech-savvy age.

We have no reason not to stay in touch with all the gadgets.

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For cattle producers, the spring usually means it’s time for calves to be born.

However, this is also the time that other young are born – and that includes pests.

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Lack of forage and increased input costs for beef producers continue as we move ahead in 2013. However, there are several tools producers can use to increase efficiency of cattle planned for market – and in doing so increase margins.

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Calving season is in full swing and the days are long and the nights even longer.

Tempers can get short and the stress level rises across the ranching world.

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David Latta, Pratt Feeders, and Gary Fike of Certified Angus Beef discuss the hows and whys of building relationships with a cattle feeder.