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As summer wraps up, agricultural youth nationwide have been busy competing in 4-H and junior livestock events.

Showing livestock and participating in these competitions provides the opportunity for young people to build lifelong skills they can carry forward in their careers and their daily life.

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I dreamed of fresh-smelling rain that beat waves against windows and swept slowly through fields to fill every crack before moving on to refill ponds and kick-start the creeks. Dawn light fell on a full rain gauge. I thanked whoever had left their windows open, washed a truck, mowed a sparse third cutting or made plans to load cattle out of some dirt-road pens.

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Stepping into the role of leadership brings with it responsibility, and agricultural leaders are no different than a leader in the corporate world.

People are selected as leaders because of their vision and willingness to serve but also because of their willingness to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.

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The campaign waged upon Beef Products Inc. this spring over the use of lean finely textured beef may be done. But the war against meat producers is anything but finished, said one BPI official.

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Spend time exploring Cleveland and you pick up quickly that the city loves its rock and roll. From Elvis to ABBA, Buddy Holly to the Beastie Boys, the diversity of sound creates an eclectic jukebox of character in a city that’s home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Pete Anderson, owner of AgKnowledge Services, explains basics of grid marketing systems for selling finished beef.