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Read how to improve your supervision of employees, financial matters, identification and record keeping. Learn more about land use issues that affect your operation.


Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out how much hay to buy for the upcoming year?

Are you confused about which estrous synchronization protocol to use?

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Let’s begin by comparing owner/managers of two businesses. Our first business is a fast-food franchise that sells products specified by the parent firm to a largely unchanging clientele.

Our second business is an upscale independent restaurant in an ever-changing retail location. The businesses are similar in volume of sales and net income.

Let’s now compare the roles of the two managers. The first manager works in the business; manages employee hiring, scheduling and performance management; and develops, monitors, and improves all of the processes required to produce a consistent quality food product. He is primarily a working manager.

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Mike Sands, Informa Economics, says it will take extra effort and ingenuity for cattle feeders to survive and thrive in this environment.end mark

Deciding what innovations to use almost requires the ability to forecast the future.

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The continuous waves of change in technology can at times be frustrating: As soon as you have a new software program nailed, another version is released, sending you on yet another quest for proficiency.

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Communication is at the core of many things we do in our lives.

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