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Facing The Risk Of Drought – Head-On.

As we write this article, many ranchers - especially those in the western states - are facing drought conditions. Or at least drier than usual conditions. What this means, unfortunately, is an increase in cost-to-feed - because of the shortage of forages. The cost of hay and straw soars due to supply and demand. As a result, immense pressure is on ranchers that don’t have enough pasture to support their cow herd.

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With pregnancy-check season just around the corner, now is a great time to reflect on how this year’s breeding season went.

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Start stockpiling fescue mid-August for healthier and more profitable cattle, says University of Missouri Extension Forage Specialist Craig Roberts.

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With many producers’ cows safely calved and the youngsters looking shiny, a natural question arises – what will keep them healthy and growing through the remainder of the hot summer?

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High-Priced Mineral: How Does It Justify Its Cost?

This is a great question - and a common one.

First off, before we start talking about return on investment, we need to make this clear. Upfront, the Riomax® tub program always has been, and more than likely will always be the highest upfront priced tub on the market. This does not mean it is the most expensive. When you crunch the numbers, do the math, and take a close look at your actual cost to feed (which is your real cost), Riomax® will come out lower cost per day for the vast majority of the time. No different from the way the feedlot and dairy industries look at costs, the true number to focus on is your daily cost to feed.

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Ranching Concerns? What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like?

This is the question that looms on the horizon of every rancher. Questions and concerns arise as to cattle markets, as to the supply chain, and to the myriad of other factors that are pressing in and taking hits on your bottom line. What can be done?

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