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From the earliest genetic decisions to the final protocols for calving, discover the best information to improve your herd’s reproductive performance.


Short-term calf removal is the term that describes the temporary physical separation of the calf from its mother. This removes the nursing stimulus from the cow for about two days.

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Cattle producers typically wean replacement heifers at 7 months old and raise them with limited nutritional input before their first breeding.

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With the cost of inputs rising, it is becoming increasingly harder for cattlemen to receive an adequate return on investment.

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Beef reproduction specialist George Perry of South Dakota State University, and rancher John Moes, talk about how important reproduction is to herd improvement.

In a cow-calf beef herd, the bull may be the most overlooked part of a successful operation.

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Larry Berger, head of the University of Nebraska animal science department, talks about the advantages of early weaning.