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From the earliest genetic decisions to the final protocols for calving, discover the best information to improve your herd’s reproductive performance.


Traditional recommendations may not fit your ranch business goals

This is an era where you can customize virtually anything imaginable, from license plates and jewelry to M&Ms and burgers.

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Over the last two-decade to three-decade period, the beef industry has made great use of genetic selection tools to improve economically important traits.

Much of that improvement is due to the implementation and use of expected progeny differences (EPDs).

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As cattle producers prepare for 2013 production sales – whether as buyers or sellers – one goal remains the same: To receive a clear return on their investment.

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Recently, there have been dramatic increases in input costs for feed, fertilizer and fuel which have again narrowed profit margins of many cow-calf producers and others in the beef value chain.

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Tips for capitalizing at the seedstock showcase

Buying seedstock is a fun and exciting event for many ranchers.

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Genetics and certain indicators can reveal when calves arrive

Length of pregnancy is generally estimated at about 283 days, but very few cows calve on their due date.

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