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From the earliest genetic decisions to the final protocols for calving, discover the best information to improve your herd’s reproductive performance.


One of the latest developments in beef cattle breeding is the use of genomic testing results in animal selection and mating decisions.

Genomics is the study of organism genomes that includes mapping DNA sequences.

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Dr. Michael Smith from University of Missouri explains reproductive tract scores and A.I. semen.

With national beef cattle inventory at lows not seen since the 1950s, the time could be right for producers of Brahman-influenced cattle to adopt a fixed-time artificial insemination method which could add thousands of dollars in net value to a calf crop, according to researchers.

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It seems that each new day brings some new technology that is either going to revolutionize our industry or at least make our work easier.

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As we make progress in the field of animal breeding and selection, many “new” technologies surface.

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Pregnancy testing of beef cows is generally done by rectal palpation, but many veterinarians also use ultrasound.

The newest techniques include extension-arm ultrasound (a probe that doesn’t have to be taken into the rectum by hand or arm) and blood tests.

Both of these technologies are easier on the person doing the testing – and the blood samples can be taken by the rancher.

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