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Signs of sick cattle in feedlots

Russ Daly, Dan Thomson and Dee Griffin for Progressive Cattleman Published on 24 September 2018

Signs of sick cattle in feedlots

The warning signs of sickness in the feedlot can be openly apparent, or more hidden from the human eye. Be sure you and your feedlot workers are on the lookout for the following cattle that may need a trip to the hospital pen.

Los avisos de signos de enfermedad en los feedlots pueden ser muy aparentes o pueden ser imperceptibles para el ojo humano. Usted y sus vaqueros tienen q estar muy atentos al ganado que pueda necesitar una visita al Hospital

Depression – Overall lethargy in the animal; calves will move more slowly, carry their head lower, their ears will hang down. 

DEPRESION – Un desgano general del animal, movimientos lentos, cabeza agachada y orejas colgantes

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