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  • Fall is quickly upon us and calves are going through lots of “stress” as they transition through weaning at this time of year. Bawling calves, developing rumens, long truck rides and new environments all add up quickly to high stress conditions. But MLS has some tools that may help, our MLS #5 Stress Tub and the HM Transition Manager Tub are both specifically formulated for high stress situations and changes in the production cycle. 

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  • Have cattle to feed? Avoid the cookie-cutter plans, says Warren Rusche, extension feedlot specialist at South Dakota State University. Not every ranch, pen or feedlot is alike or ideally suited to handle the same class of cattle.

  • As fall calving approaches, you may worry more about flies and heat stress than colostrum. However, colostrum is critical to giving calves the start they need no matter the season. It’s just as important to feed quality colostrum during times of heat stress as it is to feed quality colostrum during cold weather.

  • Weather is one of the most important factors affecting producers’ selection of calving season. This is closely linked to forage and feed availability. This undoubtedly creates a regional pattern in calving season across the nation.