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  • “Bing, bang, bongo,” says Utah veterinarian Mike Walburger, about his switch to using the  InPouchⓇ TF to test bulls for Trichomonas.

    Trichomoniasis (“Trich”) is a venereal disease caused by Trichomonas foetus, a protozoa that can wreak havoc on a rancher’s calving rates by causing abortions, early embryonic deaths, and temporary infertility within the herd.  

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  • It seems that no matter where I go, or whomever I talk to, everyone thinks that his particular corner of the world has the worst or most unique weather in the world. People in my home country of southern Idaho are fond of whining about the wind, especially in the springtime. My counter to those complaints is that they should glance to the southeast at Wyoming – at any time of the year.

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  • What is scours?

    Scours, also known as calf diarrhea, is the result of inflammation in the intestinal tract. The USDA reports that 61 percent of calfhood sickness is due to scours. Severe cases of scours can affect animal growth and impact overall performance and profitability.

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  • If ever there was a busy time in a producer’s life, it is right around the time decisions are made for which animals head to the sale barn. At the end of long days, it is easy to skip over any further management for those cattle earmarked for sale and focus on the retained or growing herd that stays. A few simple considerations and actions, however, can be the difference in dollars per head once those cattle go through the sale ring.

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