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  • “Bing, bang, bongo,” says Utah veterinarian Mike Walburger, about his switch to using the  InPouchⓇ TF to test bulls for Trichomonas.

    Trichomoniasis (“Trich”) is a venereal disease caused by Trichomonas foetus, a protozoa that can wreak havoc on a rancher’s calving rates by causing abortions, early embryonic deaths, and temporary infertility within the herd.  

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  • While calving season is still in full swing in some states, planning for a successful breeding season should be in the back of our minds. The use of estrous synchronization in beef cattle production is often linked directly to artificial insemination (A.I.). However, one of the most valuable benefits from A.I. has nothing to do with A.I. itself, but actually comes from the estrous synchronization programs.

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  • It’s one thing to start, another to survive. What makes the difference?

    That may seem like a trick question with subjective answers, but ranchers will cite common denominators, tricks of the trade that apply.

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  • You hear more about mature cow size and growth potential of calves, now that profit ebbs and flows with the cycle. We’ve written about mature size, but not much about how to use the relevant tools to change it. So now, let’s examine the strategies and tools available, and the unintended consequences of ignoring them.

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