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  • Although concerns over trade and unexpected weather conditions continue to be top-of-mind for those in the agricultural industry, there is always value in farmland. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, average agricultural land values nationwide are trending up. Average farm real estate value has increased 1.9 percent to $3,140 per acre from 2017 values. Cropland and pasture values have also increased over 2017, 1 percent to $4,130 per acre and 3 percent to $1,390, respectively. Gains in land values signal that investors are focused on farmland as a long-term investment and that they may consider trade tensions to be short term.

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  • As summer forage quantity and quality declines in the early fall, many cattle producers begin to think about supplementation options in their operation. This is especially the case for fall-calving systems, as herd nutrient needs increase prior to and just after calving.

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  • Come weaning time, there’s a seemingly never-ending house of horrors awaiting young calves.

    But rather than ghosts and goblins, weaned calves face frightening new surroundings. This can include unfamiliar feed, new water sources, exposure to different cattle and harmful pathogens, and increased stress. Without proper care, sending a recently weaned calf into the next segment of the cattle industry is like sending a toddler into a haunted house alone.

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  • Feeding cost of gain is one of the most important factors explaining changes in cattle finishing. The recent volatility in corn prices leads to questions regarding the impact of lower or higher corn prices on feeding cost of gain. In addition to corn prices, feeding cost of gain is impacted by changes in forage prices and animal performance. This article examines trends in feeding cost of gain and the sensitivity of feeding cost of gain to changes in corn price, alfalfa price and feed conversion.

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