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On the Edge of Common Sense: The horse show conversation

Baxter Black for Progressive Cattle Published on 24 March 2021

A fine-lookin’ horse you’ve got there
(if yer into modern art)

I had a horse like that one time
(but he wasn’t very smart)

I’d guess that he’s part thoroughbred
(and part Catahoula hound)

You get him in a claiming race?
(or at the lost and found)

Oh, really, you’ve got the papers
(I’d use ’em to train the dog)

And he’s outta California!
(No wonder he smells like smog)

He seems a little bit feisty
(to have one foot in the grave)

Yup, I’ve used Ace myself sometimes
(when there’s somethin’ left to save)

What kinda bit have you got there?
(it looks like a calving tool)

Oh, you invented it yourself
(Do them vise grips make him drool?)

Yeah, I’ll bet it sure does stop him
(like runnin’ into a train)

You must’ve built that tie-down, too
(Never seen one made outta chain)

And where did you get those leggin’s?
(from a circus refugee)

Well, most people like ’em longer
(At least down to the knee)

Good luck. I reckon yer up soon
(I’d hate to be in that wreck)

You’ve already finished your class?
(And haven’t broken yer neck)

Two firsts and honorable mention!
(Whoa up! I’m way off the trail!)

A fine-lookin’ horse you’ve got there
(maybe that sucker’s for sale...)  end mark