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Progressive Cattleman Editor David Cooper Published on 17 August 2010

Hard work. Determination. A vision peering beyond the horizon. A drive to weather setbacks and achieve desired results.

Those qualities probably sound familiar to you if you’ve spent years blistering out a routine on a ranch or feedlot. They’re the kind of ideals that have long defined producers’ success in the U.S. beef cattle industry – a profession with deep lasting roots in our country, and a firm connection to our lands and heritage.

We think the same traits have been just as vital to us in creating the product you hold in your hands – Progressive Cattleman magazine.

Starting with this sample issue, Progressive Cattleman is looking to blaze a new trail in the beef cattle market. This edition is a precursor to our official launch in January when the magazine begins monthly publication.

The Progressive Cattleman team has spent many months listening to producers and industry experts, and asking them what they expect from a quality beef magazine.

What we’ve heard has been enlightening and encouraging. Cattle producers want a trusted tool that shows what the best and brightest are doing well in their business. They want solutions that rise up against the challenges appearing throughout the industry. With credible, authoritative voices that provide information and tools you need, we hope readers find easier paths to efficiency and success.

We’re especially impressed as producers strive to catch more information and education – not just in their own corner of the beef market, but throughout all stages of the industry. Today’s beef cattle producers are proud to celebrate their heritage and history, but they’re also a savvy and strategic bunch keeping a pulse on the present and an eye on the future. Today’s consumers have all the information they need at their fingertips, and cattlemen recognize their operations can do more to meet the demand for all elements of quality assurance.

That seems to be what a progressive cattleman represents. And to live up to that name, the Progressive Cattleman aims to deliver that same standard of quality in a monthly magazine that captures:

• Regional and specific content tailored for the key segments of beef production – seedstock and cow-calf producers, and stocker-grower and feedlots. With contributions from staff and freelance experts, we also use extension specialists and industry experts from across the U.S.

• Profiles on the operations that define excellence for the beef industry, with photography and storytelling that carries an appreciation for the cattle-ranching lifestyle and people who feed the world.

• High-quality production with graphics, maps, charts, photography and page design that reflect the most current trends in the beef industry. This trademark has been a signature of Progressive Publishing magazines for years, and Progressive Cattleman will be no different.

As ambitious as we are in starting this new endeavor, we also recognize it’s just the start to a long trail. While we hope you note the quality we’re targeting, we also welcome suggestions, comments and ideas that will make it even better come January 2011.

In the meantime, we’ll be like you, wearing our work gloves with our eye on the horizon.  end_mark
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