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Is Bill Clinton really a vegan?

Published on 04 September 2013

Former President Clinton is in the news again, and it appears he's may be cheating ... on his diet.

Clinton, who swore off meat and dairy products following some heart problems, has heavily promoted the vegan lifestyle since 2009. A child of the South, this was no easy feat for Clinton, now 66. Years of eating barbecue pork, ribs, steak, brisket and catfish cannot be unlearned with a short trip to the gym and dietitian.

But Clinton tackled the challenge with aplomb, losing a significant amount of weight and reducing his heart disease risks. However, the question remains: How did a man known for a wolfish appetite pull it off?

A new profile in AARP magazine, highlighted by a story in the Daily Caller shines a light on one fact. The former president still eats meat.

"Once a week or so, he will have a helping of organic salmon or an omelet made with omega-3-fortified eggs," wrote Joe Conason in the profile, "to maintain iron, zinc and muscle mass."

In other interviews that I've seen, Clinton has said he will eat some Thanksgiving turkey, some occasional tuna fish or salmon. A New York Times story, has highlighted his dining on meat plates, including lamb and chicken and filet mignon.

I'm not trying to beat up Clinton in pointing this out. What he has accomplished is quite admirable in losing weight and controlling his diet.

But when we say "vegan," what does that represent? No meat whatsoever? Some meat? A reduced portion?

And how much of the weight loss is attributed to other life factors. The AARP profile also notes that Clinton walks 2 or 3 miles a day, and with the fees he's collecting on the speaker circuit, employing an organic chef at work and home is obviously not a financial problem.

Just food for thought. end mark