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Ye shall always have light

Progressive Cattleman Editor David Cooper Published on 24 November 2017

The old village may as well have been erased from a map. Those who lived there were broken, feeble and hungry. War had come and gone. Disease had been a familiar foe.

But it was hunger that lingered for generations, ravaging the old and the young. What led to this existence, none of the people could remember. But far more troubling, no one knew when it would end.

Into this setting wandered a noble stranger, acquainted with their suffering and desperation. With warmth in his eyes, he greeted each person on his way to the town square, where he began to share his message.

“Fear not,” he cried as he stood at the well. “I bring you good tidings of joy. The One True King is coming. He bringeth rest for the weary, and those who thirst for redemption shall be quenched.”

The people heard, and a crowd began to gather, all gazing in curiosity. “Rejoice as the days of light come again, and your grief and sorrow shall become as dry as the wind.”

“Have no fear,” he said to the mixed gathering of merchants, soldiers and commoners. “He is coming, and in every change and season, He will be faithful. To every weakness, He will bring succor. The broken-hearted He will mend, and the charitable He will reward.”

The host of people listened, some in skepticism, while others mocked, shaking their heads in derision. To others, his words were of great comfort and stirred a familiar chord within their hearts.

He saw the farm peasants and herders looking on from outside the town gates. “He is the good shepherd,” he called to them, “and we are His sheep. He leads us to cool waters and green pastures, and those who wander shall never be lost.”

To the beggars and the sick, huddled in darkness, he went next.

“Be of good cheer,” he said, reaching out to them and holding them close. “Those who suffer for His sake shall be His friends. Their toils and burdens will He make light. The blind will He make see, the deaf will He make hear, and with His wounds shall we be healed.”

He continued until the crowd thinned; a loyal few remained.

“Fear not,” he said as daylight faded across the horizon. “He cometh and He shall be the true light that lighteth every heart.

“He is the Son of the Father. Look to Him and ye shall always have light.”

Dusk finally came, and the people wandered to their homes, their fires and their beds. For many, the strange prophet’s words were dismissed as the rantings of a lost hermit, while others still marveled at his teachings.

It was only later that night, as the darkness suddenly began to lighten, that all who had heard him began to remember the promises he made. And in an instant, they felt the truth of his words.

For there, in the east, appeared a new star, and its light was magnificent to behold. end mark

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