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Just do it

Tayler Teichert for Progressive Cattleman Published on 09 February 2018
rancher Tim McAbee

Nike’s mission statement is: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” In 1988, at a Nike advertising meeting, the slogan “Just Do it” was coined. Their slogan pairs beautifully with their mission, because sometimes the hardest part of getting inspired to put in the work is to put your shoes on and just do it.

Some days we all need that extra push of encouragement to stop procrastinating, whether that be putting on our gym shoes or our boots to go ride that 2-year-old filly. Here are six ideas to help us get motivated to “just do it!”

1. The first thing we do every day is wake up. If we (meaning myself) set three alarms with full intentions of snoozing the first two, that doesn’t set a very good standard for the day. Get up to your first alarm. That way you have time to brush your hair, make sure your shirt is buttoned up straight and eat some breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day.

2. Make a to-do list. I remember my dad would sit at breakfast on Monday morning and write the things he needed to accomplish that week in his little Red Book – you know the one that has all your calving information in the front and the day planner in the back. It’s so easy to forget things you need to get done if they aren’t written down. There is great satisfaction that comes out of scratching tasks off your list.

3. Remember why you do what you do. Some days are bound to be less than fun; they make us appreciate the good days more. Remember that branding season is right around the corner when you are up all night checking heifers. When you are sick of bouncing around on the baler putting up hay, remember the years of drought when you had to buy hay. Remember what made you love this lifestyle and appreciate your ability to do it.

4. Don’t burn yourself out. If we do the same thing, go to the same places and eat the same things every day, we are going to get sick of them. My dad always said that if he got everything on his week’s to-do list done by Thursday, he wasn’t going to go look for more odd jobs for the rest of the week. There are really busy times in ranching when you have to be married to the ranch, but if it’s a slow season, take the trip, go to the movies, go dancing, sit inside and read a book, float the river or just take a day off. Give yourself a break. A bow that is always strung will lose its spring.

5. Remember some situations are toxic. Whether that be a job or a friendship, it’s really hard to motivate yourself to go to work when you feel like it is killing you inside. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your situation. Don’t let anyone or any place ruin what you’re passionate about. If you don’t like where you are, move! You’re not a tree.

6. Just do it!

As I sit here writing this article two days before it is supposed to be turned in, I feel a bit hypocritical. Everybody faces issues of feeling unmotivated; the next time I am, I hope I remember to “just do it!” I think after I send this off to my editor, I might lace up my Nikes and go for a run, or eat a Popsicle – who knows at this point?  end mark

Tayler Teichert, a 26-year-old sixth-generation rancher, was born and raised ranching across the American West. Since she left home, she has worked in the Sandhills of Nebraska, the shadows of Elk Mountain, the high desert of Idaho and the sage of northern Nevada. In her writing and photography, she documents the action, beauty and everyday life on the ranch while working as a full-time ranch hand. You can learn more about Tayler and check out her photography on her website.

PHOTO: Nebraska rancher Tim McAbee up before the sun. Photo by Tayler Teichert.