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October 2017

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The October 2017 issue of Progressive Cattleman will cover all you need to know for this year’s fall run. You may be leaving money on the table if you are not castrating; see why feedlots give a discounted price for bulls. Also, check out the BQA transportation guidelines to ensure you deliver sound cattle.

This issue will also focus on feed and nutrition. See how you can save money by planning for your winter feeding program now. See how to best use whiskey and bourbon byproducts to feed your cattle. And learn the nutrition basics for effective implant and vaccination programs.

Also, be sure to read Paul Marchant’s article, “Just let go.”


Progressive Cattleman Issue 1 2017


In the first issue of the year, Progressive Cattleman will be focusing on preparing for the calving season. Check out this preparation checklist. Also, be prepared for early calving, as the use of calving ease genetics has shortened the gestation period in some herds. Be sure to review this vet’s tips for assisting in calf delivery.

Once the calves are here, it's a whole other task to keep them healthy. Start early – learn how vaccinating cows can prevent scours in calves. Also see other methods for preventing scours in calves.

This issue will also cover feed and nutrition. Before you cut corners in your winter feeding program, consider some key factors first. Also, are you feeding the “rumen bugs”? These micro-organisms help with digestion. See how these bugs impact animal performance. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid mycotoxins. Learn how you can manage mycotoxins in your feed.

Lastly, be sure to read Paul Marchant’s article, “Be inspired.”

Progressive Cattleman Issue 2 2017


The February issue of Progressive Cattleman is dedicated to the exclusive gathering for many seedstock producers and commercial cattleman – the annual livestock production sale. The edition provides insight to help organize and meet your sale objectives. For the consumer who is buying livestock, this issue provides insight to make your purchase a lasting decision that can help pay off in herd performance.

Along with production sales, this issue covers several other subjects, including management and reproduction. Learn how to prepare your operation for drought. Also, are you ready for calving season? Get these calving tips here. Set one more New Year’s resolution: Earn $300 more per cow. We’ll go over the possibilities win this issue.

Have you considered crossbreeding? See what the benefits are. Be sure to vaccinate your cows and bulls before breeding season. And check out these three misunderstood and underutilized genetic tools.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 3 2017


The March issue of Progressive Cattleman is all about managing land and staying in good graces with Uncle Sam. See how producers in Montana’s Lolo Pass region find middle ground with conservation interests. Also, find out how producers in southern Utah work within government restrictions. Also, want to improve your grass stands? Know your soil, condition and climate.

Also mentioned in this issue is pest control. Learn the causes, costs and effects of flies in beef cattle. This year may be particularly troublesome for horn flies. A wet spring means ideal horn fly conditions. Here’s an idea for your fly control strategy this year: parasitic wasps. These wasps can help you get a handle on fly control. It’s “biological warfare at its best.”

Also be sure to read Lee Pitts’ article, “Dying from complications.”

Progressive Cattleman Issue 4 2017


The April issue of Progressive Cattleman is focused on facilities and equipment, with additional stories on stockers and growers.

Learn what you should have checked off your list before the bulls are turned loose. Also read on how new regulations on mileage monitors could affect cattle producers.

If you could spend $11 and get $112 in return, would you do it? Find out how supplements could add a few extra dollar signs to your stocker program. Also, see what the stocker cattle outlook is for 2017 and beyond.

Lastly, be sure to read Lee Pitts’ article, “Do the math.”

Progressive Cattleman Issue 5 2017


The May issue of Progressive Cattleman will be focusing on Beef Quality Assurance. Learn what causes bruises and how you can prevent them. Safeguard you, your employees and your operation by keeping detailed records: If you get a call about drug residues, you’ll be able to verify that you followed withdrawal times.

Nutrition and feed is also covered in this issue. Have you considered creep feeding your calves? See the benefits here. Also, improve reproduction with proper nutrition by making sure your cow can support herself, her calf at her side and the calf in her womb. Also, learn how to get the most out of your mineral program with these feeding management tips.

Be sure to read Editor David Cooper’s editorial. Will U.S. beef soon have access to the Chinese market?

Progressive Cattleman Issue 6 2017


The June issue of Progressive Cattleman takes a look at wildfires. Take precautionary measures and have a wildfire evacuation plan, and learn how local agencies handle wildfire season.

This issue also dives into grazing. Manage the landscape through targeted grazing, and make informed range and pasture management decisions. Also, is your forage not doing enough for your herd? See how a supplementation program could help.

Stockmanship is another topic covered by this issue. Learn how stress impacts cattle and how effective stockmanship will benefit your operation. Also, be sure to read the cover story, “Stockdogs: An integral part of stockmanship.” A good stockdog could help you effectively work cattle.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 7 2017


The July issue of Progressive Cattleman is taking the industry’s pulse — included are feature articles on Texas Panhandle feedyards and a New Mexico cattle auction on the U.S.-Mexico border. Also see how the V8 Ranch has succeeded in breeding Brahman cattle.

This issue also contains good news – 2018 beef production is forecast at 2.3 percent growth. And as drones become more common, learn what your legal rights are when drones fly over your property or livestock.

Also be sure to read Paul Marchant’s article, “Rural arrogance.”

Progressive Cattleman Issue 8 2017


The August issue of Progressive Cattleman is dedicated to the next-generation rancher. Here you’ll find topics such as transition planning, entering or exiting the business with nonfamily partners, and advice from a family who laid the groundwork for the next-generation years ago.

This issue also details how probiotics could be the alternative to feeding antibiotics in the feedlot. And with the fall run around the corner, learn how a third-party-verified preconditioning program can add value to your calf crop.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 9 2017


The September issue of Progressive Cattleman will focus on fall calving and genetics. Are you thinking of switching seasons in which to calve? Hear from this experienced expert and learn how to “synch with nature.” See how one producer is using the harsh Utah desert to naturally produce tough cattle – medium-framed mamas who protect their calves from predators.

Also, in the management section, are articles about reducing stress during weaning. Be sure to reduce stress for yourself and don’t get sucked into the calf-price pessimism; rather, focus on producing valuable calves.

Also be sure to read Paul Marchant’s article, “Duck your head and keep your dally.”