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February 2020

Current Progressive Cattle Digital Edition

The February issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on herd health. See how active dry yeast probiotics can help reduce health and growth challenges see when feeding newly arrived feeder calves, and learn about interstitial pneumonia and how to detect it. Also included is production sales. Get some tips on making "picture day" less stressful, and get some tips on how to choose the right bull and pay the right price for one during production sale season. Lastly, be aware of the federal and state rules that dictate how you transport cattle from one place to another.


Progressive Cattle Issue 1 2020


The January issue of Progressive Cattle highlights calving season. Pick up some pointers on preventing and treating scours, and learn some tips and tricks to dealing with dystocia. Also included is feed and nutrition. Take a look at nutrition for calving season, and learn some strategies for feeding cows during the winter. Lastly, start the new year off right with a fresh look at cattle record keeping.