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March 2019

Current Progressive Cattleman Digital Edition

Pest control is the main focus of the April issue of Progressive Cattleman/i>. Read the cover story, “Unseen predators: Managing internal parasites.” Learn these deworming and pasture management strategies to increase the health of your herd. Or check out these control methods for rodents.

Another focus of this issue is reproduction. See how estrous synchronization could add to your profitability. Don’t have a place for your bulls off-season? Find out how you can manage a calving and breeding season without removing your bulls. Lastly, are we breeding for too much milk production?


Progressive Cattleman Issue 1 2019


The January issue of Progressive Cattleman takes a close look at nutrition. Learn how pre-calving nutritional status can affect the cow and her calf. Or see how a Kansas rancher was able to reduce his cost of production by switching to a confinement system and supplementing with intensive grazing. Lastly, beware – extreme weather conditions in 2018 have resulted in a high risk of mycotoxins in feed.

Also included are several articles on calving. Learn how to deal with frostbite during calving season, or see what role vitamins play in colostrum quality.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 2 2019


The February 2019 issue of Progressive Cattleman focuses on herd health. Learn how you can optimize your herd’s immunity with the right nutrition. And should you use modified-live or killed vaccines for calves? Find out here.

Another focus of this issue is livestock sales. See how a social media strategy could help boost your sales, or find out how you should prepare before going to the sale and buying a bull.

Also, don’t miss our regular columnists, Paul Marchant, Marci Whitehurst and Baxter Black.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 3 2019


The bulk of articles in the March issue of Progressive Cattleman mainly focus on reproduction. Not confident in A.I.? Enrolling in an A.I. class may be time well spent off the ranch. Also, as the beef-on-dairy trend continues to grow, how will it impact the beef industry? Lastly, see how an all-natural method to IVF can decrease stress on the cow, labor and cost.