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September 2021

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Progressive Cattle Issue 3 2021


The March issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on reproduction. Get some tips on selecting cleanup bulls for your A.I. program, and get some tips on managing postpartum anestrus. Also included is facilities and equipment. See how partially buried water systems can prevent water issues due to cold weather.

Progressive Cattle Issue 4 2021


The April issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on pest control. Get some tips on pest management for feral hogs, flies, snakes and coyotes. Also included is grazing. Learn how to utilize grazing to target invasive annual grasses, and find out why resting periods are so important for maintaining pasture quality. Lastly, find out what to watch for when you’re signing a contract.

Progressive Cattle Issue 5 2021


Progressive Cattle Issue 7 2021


The July issue of Progressive Cattle features an industry outlook. Learn about how COVID-19-driven pressures have impacted custom meatpackers, and how dealing with the impacts of drought requires changes on your operation. Also included is facilities and equipment. Get tips on working facilities for big-horned cattle, and learn how to overcome logistic challenges of repro technologies.

Progressive Cattle Issue 8 2021


The August issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on herd health. Get a few strategies for controlling summer pinkeye, and learn about waters importance to herd health and nutrition. Also included is stewardship. Read more about how Sims Cattle Company’s focus on holistic management is paying off. Lastly, find out what to expect at the NCBA national convention and tradeshow in Nashville, Tennessee.