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Poll: 2019 a successful spring calving season

Published on 03 June 2019

Spring 2019 was a good calving season for producers, according to a recent Progressive Cattleman online poll.

Progressive Cattleman asked, "How did your calving season go this year?"

The highest percentage (43.3%), had a better than expected spring calving season, and the second highest (32.3%) experienced an average calving season. On the lower end of the scale, few producers (17.2%) had a poor season, and the lowest group of responders (10.2%) haven't had their calving season yet.end mark

How did your calving season go this year?

  • Better than expected: 43.3%

  • Average: 32.3%

  • Poor: 17.2%

  • Haven't had it yet: 0%