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Poll: Ranchers get involved in livestock associations

Published on 17 February 2020

"Birds of a feather flock to together" rings true when it comes to the cattle industry, according to a recent Progressive Cattle online poll.

Progressive Cattle asked readers, "How involved are you in your local livestock/agriculture association?" 

The largest segment of respondents (35.1%) answered that they had been or are currently involved in the leadership of their local livestock associations. 

The second largest group (32.8%) indicated the complete opposite – "we leave each other alone."

The last two groups of said they participate either semi-often or once annualy, at 16.4% and 15.7%, respectively.  end mark

How involved are you in your local livestock/agriculture association?

  • I am/have been part of the leadership. : 35.1%

  • I participate semi-regularly. : 16.4%

  • I go to the annual meeting. : 15.7%

  • We leave each other alone. : 32.8%