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Poll: Ranchers split 50/50 when it comes to keeping records

Published on 16 November 2020

Keeping records is a fundamental part of ranch management that often gets relegated to a dingy notebook or a shoebox of receipts. However, successful ranch managers know that in order to cut costs, save money and take the best care of animals, crops and equipment, meticulous record-keeping is key. As has been said before, "You can't manage what you don't know."

Progressive Cattle asked readers in an online poll how they kept their ranch records, with the option to select all applicable options. The respondents divided about 50/50, with a collective 47.5% relying on a hard copy paper-based record-keeping system like a notebook or the little red book, and a slight majority of 52.5% preferring a form of record-keeping that uses some form of technology like an Excel spreadsheet, computer software, or an app on the phone. The responses are broken down below.  end mark

How do you keep ranch records?

  • Spiral notebook (or similar): 26.2%

  • Little red book: 21.3%

  • Excel spreadsheet (or similar): 27.9%

  • App on the phone: 12.3%

  • Record-keeping software: 12.3%