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Poll: Ranchers utilize several drought management options

Published on 03 August 2021

It's no secret that much of the U.S., especially the western states, is experiencing severe drought conditions. Weather experts and many other professionals in the agricultural industry have seen this dry spell coming for some time, and have consequently urged producers to have a drought managment plan in place before it becomes necessary to enact one. 

Progressive Cattle asked readers in an online poll what kind of drought management plan they have in place, allowing them to select more than one option from the following list: Buy more feed, Trim herd numbers, Wean early, purchase PRF insurance.

Buying more feed was the top strategy, followed closely by culling the herd and weaning early. Purchasing PRF insurance came in last.  end mark

What kind of drought management measures do you have in place?

  • Buy more feed: 31.4%

  • Trim herd numbers: 29.2%

  • Wean early: 27%

  • PRF insurance: 12.4%