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Readers preferred Romney for President [RESULTS]

Progressive Cattleman Editor David Cooper Published on 12 November 2012

111212 poll results 1The 2012 presidential election is now over and while President Obama can look forward to another four-year term, he has work to do gaining trust from the farming and ranching industries.

According to an online poll of Progressive Cattleman readers, Republican challenger Mitt Romney was far and away the favored candidate among respondents. By a margin of 71 percent, Romney was the candidate most readers picked.

Eighty-four percent of respondents chose Romney over Obama, who was picked by 14 percent. Two percent said they were undecided.

Obama took the national Nov. 6 election with 51 percent of the popular vote and Romney taking 48 percent. Obama won the electoral college vote 332-206.

The next Progressive Cattleman poll deals with one of the first fiscal policies to be addressed by the Obama administration.

How do expect Washington leaders to resolve the expiring estate tax laws.

A – Estate tax exemptions will go back to 2001 levels.

B – Congress will find a way to keep estate taxes at the current $5 million exemption per person cap.

C – Expect estate tax exemptions to go down, but to an appropriate level that protects most ag and ranch estates end mark