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AgriLabs launches new cattle vaccine

Published on 21 April 2011

Jim Glassford, AgriLabs VP of Marketing, announced the availability of the newest in AgriLabs line of cattle biological products. "MpB Guard provides producers with a safe, efficacious, two-dose vaccine that aids in the prevention of respiratory disease and the potential loss caused by Mycolpasma bovis,” he said. "Vaccinating calves at 45 days of age with a mixture of M. bovis isolates, their soluble antigens and the Life-II adjuvant system, will help protect these young, susceptible calves early in life.”

Charlie Higdon, cattle biological business manager, added that, "Mycoplasma bovis is a very serious cause of acute respiratory disease in both beef and young dairy calves and can lead to chronic bronchopneumonia. AgriLabs new MpB Guard Mycoplasma bovis vaccine utilizes field origin M. bovis isolates and has been shown to stimulate elevated titers of both IgA and IgG as well as reduce lung lesions.

MpB Guard Mycoplasma bovis vaccine is available in 20 ml (10 dose) and convenient 100 ml (50 dose) vials from AgriLabs distributors and local dealers

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-- AgriLabs press release