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New products gallery – September 2021

Published on 24 August 2021
Z Tags Tissue Range

Z Tags Tissue Range from Datamars

The Z Tags Tissue Range offers two options: a tissue sampler only, and a tissue sampler and tag.

The tissue sampler takes a fast, clean and accurate sample in an easy, low-stress way. The tissue tagger is easy to load and works like any other tag applicator. For the tissue sampler, just squeeze the tagger until you hear two clicks and you’re done.

Unlike blood or hair, tissue samples are robust and longer-lasting. Z Tags also uses a dry desiccant, which allows the sample to last for up to six months without refrigeration. The tissue sample will also be larger, granting the ability to run more tests than a conventional blood or hair sample.

For more information, visit Livestock Datamars.


H20Excel-AG from Brookside Agra

Brookside Agra has introduced new 5-gallon packaging and application-specific labeling for its water conservation agent H2OExcel. Made from a blend of natural plant extracts and soil penetrants, H2O Excel has the ability to improve soil conditions, reduce surface tension and decrease water usage when planting and growing agriculture crops, rangelands, turf and other vegetation.

Biodegradable H2OExcel is available in a concentrated formula. New application-specific labeling for agriculture (H2OExcel-AG) usage makes it easier for growers to know how much H2OExcel to use and when to use it for the best results.

All of H2OExcel’s ingredients are on the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list, which is approved by both the FDA and AAFCO. H2OExcel will not harm plants, animals or humans.

Learn more at Brookside-Agra H2OExcel


Bovacillus from Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen has announced a new product for the U.S. market, Bovacillus. Consisting of two strains of different species of bacilli – Bacillus licheniformis and bacillus subtilis isolated from nature – Bovacillus is a special type of probiotic. Bacillus spores can survive harsh conditions within the gastrointestinal tract, such as pH variations, bile salts and enzymes. Following germination of the spores, active organisms support the normal functions within the tract as well as a balanced microbiome.

The ability to form spores is what gives bacilli their ability to survive and perpetuate under harsh conditions. Thanks to its diversified and synergistic modes of action, Bovacillus is an effective, natural, sustainable choice to support the health and performance of cattle.

Learn more at Chr. Hansen

Propane Education & Research Council

Propane Council launches national brand for propane

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) launched a new identity for propane that signals a seismic change in how to view this reliable energy source.

The new brand, “Propane Energy for Everyone,” highlights propane’s role in ensuring energy equity and reducing carbon emissions.

The new brand platform is rolling out to propane industry partners in anticipation of consumer- and market-specific campaigns this fall. The platform is being introduced to national propane providers and state associations with video, direct mail and marketing collateral they can use to communicate the benefits of propane to their customers.

Learn more at Propane Education & Research Council


The Sentinel from Sensaphone

The Sentinel monitoring system from Sensaphone enables operators to track temperature, humidity, ventilation, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, water pH, power failure and more. When the Sentinel system detects that a sensor reading has moved out of the preset range, it sends immediate notification via phone call, text or email to designated personnel, so they can take fast corrective action.

With the cloud-based monitoring system, operators can access real-time data around the clock from anywhere using a mobile device or computer. They can also check status information, change settings, disable alarms and readjust temperature limits right from the Sensaphone app.

The monitoring system also provides unlimited data logging of critical environmental conditions over time, which helps operators to identify trends that could indicate potential equipment issues before they become major problems.

For more information, visit Sensaphone.  end mark

Photos courtesy: of Datamars Livestock, Brookside Agra, Chr. Hansen and Sensaphone.