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New stapling system designed by Paslode

Scintiprox, Inc Published on 28 February 2011


Available for the first time in North America, Scintiprox, Inc.

introduces the Paslode 315 wire fence stapling system, designed specifically with the professional fencer, farmer and rancher in mind.

The new Paslode 315 stapling system, developed by Paslode New Zealand, will save time and money.

Simply load a rack of galvanized staples and begin single or multi-wire fence construction.

With a ground-breaking pneumatic fencing tool and hot-dipped galvanized standard fence staples designed to perform in all weather conditions, Paslode has just made a tough job a whole lot easier.

The gas-powered 200S tool is also available.

The revolutionary Paslode 315 pneumatic stapler is lightweight, tough and has enough power to drive staples into even the hardest fence posts.

Loaded with features, the 315 wire fence stapler is designed for any fencing job, saving up to 70 percent of the time currently taken to hand-hammer fence staples.

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—Scintiprox press release

The lightweight Paslode 315 drives staples into the hardest of fence posts. Photo courtesy Scintiprox.